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Our Fiber Optic Capabilities Push the Industry Envelope

As a leading developer of fiber optic technology and component manufacturer, Gould Fiber Optics has an extensive history of innovation. We have pioneered methods to improve fiber optic capabilities through better product design, manufacturing and testing, which have led to breakthroughs in a number of industries. Plus our research and development division continually strives to discover new methods that enhance the field performance of our products. Many companies, particularly those involved in Defense and Sensor applications, turn to us because of our wide range of capabilities, extensive experience and excellent reputation for customer service.

GlasSolderTM Process Revolutionized Products

Patented Gould Fiber Optics has developed a GlasSolder process that substantially improves the mechanical and environmental stability of all our fiber optic products. This new glass soldering allows for stronger, more reliable bonds.

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Flagship Fused Biconical Taper Process Maximizes Energy Flow

Gould’s Fiber Optic splitters and combiners are manufactured with our flagship Fused Biconical Taper process using fully automated product manufacturing stations at our Millersville, Maryland facility. This signature development enhances the energy passing through each fiber core.

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Fully Automatic Manufacturing and Test Stations

Gould manufactures high quality fiber optic couplers and splitters using highly sophisticated software controlled automated stations. This ensures that our products meet customer specifications and allows for more controlled testing systems.

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Damp-Heat, Dry-Heat, Vibration & Optical Testing Facilities

Gould’s Maryland facility also has the extended capability to test products in various environments including damp heat and dry heat. This ensures that all our products achieve the high level of field reliability our customers have come to trust.

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Integrated Fiber Optic Solutions/Services Group

Our large facility provides highly advanced integrated fiber optic solutions and services to a number of industries ranging from telecom, oil and gas to defense. We have the fiber optic capabilities to incorporate a variety of Gould and non-Gould manufactured fiber optic products into an integrated solution specifically tailored to your applications.

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Prototype Group Customizes Products To Your Needs

Gould specializes in customized components and subsystems. Our fiber optic prototype group provides variations on standard products, including custom wavelengths as well as developing unique products.

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Ion-Exchange Based Planar Lightwave Circuits

Gould manufactures planar light wave circuits (PLC) components through an Ion-Exchange based process that provides superior dependability and great performance. This is conducted fully in-house in a clean room environment at our Maryland facility.

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USA based Fiber Optic Product Manufacturing

Gould Fiber Optics manufactures all fiber optic components at its ISO 9001:2015 certified Millersville, Maryland facility. We have the capability & facilities to design, develop, manufacture and test our fiber optics products, including Single mode & Multimode optical couplers/splitters, combiners, polarization maintaining (PM) components, and PLC (Planar lightwave circuits) chips.

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