Industries We Serve

Our Fiber Optic Applications Serve a Breadth of Industries

Gould provides custom, highly reliable fiber optic components and photonic products that facilitate solutions for a wide range of industries. Component replacement can be economically prohibitive, which is why so many companies trust Gould to deliver products that last. For us, reliability and innovation go hand in hand.

Government, Military & Aerospace

Gould’s Fiber Optic products are used in current Government, Military & Aerospace applications, providing cutting-edge technology to assist the public sector with their fiber optic component needs. Our products are particularly critical for creating advanced systems of communications, intelligence and surveillance associated with air and space platforms.

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BIO Photonics/Life Sciences – Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

We develop Fiber Optic Components and Modules for Bio Photonics/Life sciences industries for applications such as medical imaging including Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) that offer superior solutions to the industry. Our customizable sub-systems can support the unique builds of consistently advancing global OCT interferometric systems, as well as support advances in laser surgeries, endoscopes, sensors, devices and more.

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Our vast experience serving the telecommunications industry includes developing fiver optic components for telephony and CATV equipment manufacturers, as well as regional operating companies. Because our fiber optic components offer a large amount of bandwidth in a compact package, we save companies space, weight, and install time.

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Oil & Gas/Downhole

As the oil and gas industry strives to modernize aging infrastructures, fiber optics can provide environmental, structural, geophysical, toxicity and biomedical monitors that address the increasing need for pressure, temperature, stress, organic, and data acquisition. The benefits of fiber optics allow companies to improve operational performance and accuracy.

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Test & Measurements

Gould Fiber Optics offers a selection of highly reliable optical components used in the development and manufacturing of test and measurement equipment systems.

Companies focused on developing and manufacturing equipment for testing and measuring rely on Gould Fiber optics components to provide the latest technology with assured reliability.

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Fiber to the Home Applications

Gould provides passive fiber optic components, optical modules, patch cords and connectorization for passive optical networks in the fiber to the x broadband network architecture. Because fiber optic cables can carry high speed date over long distance, they offer numerous advantages over traditional copper cables.

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Research & Development

As the leader in its field of passive fiber optic technology, we are able to provide variations on standard products, including custom wavelengths as well as developing unique products. Such devices, which are difficult to fabricate using standard production techniques and often fall short of formal engineering or product development requirements, are our specialty.

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